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"What language robbed
a woman’s no from her lips
to leave a man’s yes in its place."
- Desire ||  Pavana पवन  


I need this canon like I need air~
*slowly dies from feels and lack of air…


I need this canon like I need air~

*slowly dies from feels and lack of air…

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up up baby get up

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this was supposed to be my last year in college but instead i’m stuck for another year & a half.

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G-Dragon tracks as vintage Penguin book covers.

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Hey, so remember how Israel always falls over itself reminding us how much it cares about the well-being of the LGBTQ community? How it’s the “only safe haven for queer people in the middle east”? How it benevolently cares for injured Palestinians even though we’re all undeserving savages”?

Well, in a statement released by IDF intel officers refusing to serve, it was revealed that the IDF and Israeli intelligence in general blackmail sick and queer Palestinians into becoming collaborators and informants.

This is part of the testimonies of these officers:

"If you’re homosexual and know someone who knows a wanted person – and we need to know about it – Israel will make your life miserable. If you need emergency medical treatment in Israel, the West Bank or abroad – we searched for you. The state of Israel will allow you to die before we let you leave for treatment without giving information on your wanted cousin. If you interest Unit 8200 as a technological unit, and don’t have anything to do with any hostile activity, you’re an objective."

This is standard operating procedure. This is nothing out of the ordinary, this is not a special case. This is the logic of Israel, this is the logic of a colonial state, one built on ethnic supremacy, built on genocide.

At this point, any person saying that the IDF is a moral army, or that Israel cares in the slightest about human rights, then they need to do a 5 second google search, because this information is everywhere.

To keep repeating this lie means you’re either incredibly ignorant/being misled in an age where information is at your fingertips, or you’re an imperialist bigot.

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